NOW AVAILABLE! Download my personal Canadian Mortgage App!

By: Shawn Kenny

NOW AVAILABLE! Download my personal Canadian Mortgage App!

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  Do you need to calculate your total monthly home ownership cost, compare rates and determine your affordability to the penny? The #1 ranked Mortgage app in Canada is far more than just a super precise mortgage calculator. With over 7 Millions screen views, it has been recognized by many leading professionals in the industry for its flexibility and simplicity. You can calculate your result...Read More

By: Reprinted From Royal LePage Leading Edge Blog (April 19, 2016)

Exploring Negative Interest Rates

Tags: Real Estate, Mortgages, Interest Rates, Canadian economy, Canadian Housing Market, Economic analysis

Canadian interest rates are low – but could they go even lower? Could we reach a point where we have negative interest rates – whatever those are exactly? That has been the question since the concept of ‘negative rates’ hit mainstream conversations last year. Negative rates have since been adopted by some countries and there have been hints that Canada could experiment with...Read More

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